Apr 132023

These are the Thursday dates we still have to play this season.
Like every year, the board yearns to be able to press the pause button. Just
a short rest and then start preparing for the new season!
April 20 is therefore the last evening. We should think about something
nice to do some members thougt. And so they came up with the really
bright idea of organizing a club tournament.
A club tournament has the full approval of the board, so go with the
banana. (Dutch expression) It will require a strong organizational capacity
to allow 47 members to participate in the tournament with a maximum of
28 playgrounds in the hall. Wonder how they’re going to handle that. I
have full confidence that it will be all right and that it will be a lot of fun

Please check in advance who wants to participate in this tournament.
Please indicate whether you want to compete for that beautiful but classic
grand prize on April 20 or whether you are unable to attend for whatever
Please respond by e-mail and do not report verbally en passant.
Or whats app Arie Leemeijer 06-23741633
Given the large number of members, I’m afraid I can’t remember all the
verbal announcements.
And our trainer Chris, who everyone praised this year, is of course also
very welcome.

It would be nice if the players who can’t play due to medical problems
want to come anyway. Then we have a drink together after the tournament.
At the expense of our treasurer!
So that’s a good thing.
I like to hear from you.
Just something else. The korfball players have switched to field training.
So we can start a little earlier!

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