May 032023

I can imagine that this Summer Badminton Newsletter may lead to some confusion among the many new members who joined BCB last season. Is this a second badminton club in Badhoevedorp? Or is it the same Club but in a different guise? I’m going to explain it to you.
7 years ago, René and Fred conceived the plan to continue playing badminton in the spring/summer months in order to keep their condition up a bit.

After some information, it turned out to be possible to rent courts until the start of the school holiday, also the date on which the Sporthoeve closes for six weeks. And from that time on, GZB rents 4 badminton courts on Thursdays for enthusiasts who still want to play. Also for this year, half the hall has already been booked for one and a half hour from 7.30 pm and starting Thursday 4th of May!

There is of course a financial picture attached to this, because GZB starts every period with zero euros in cash. The costs of a badminton court rental is keeping pace with all the inflation increases we’ve been experiencing lately. The GZB board has therefore decided to increase the contribution slightly to € 5.00 per evening / each person. If there is anything left over at the end of the period, and after the farewell drink!, the remaining will be donated to Badmintonclub Badhoevedorp, because they are so kind to provide us their shuttles/nets, not to mention their correspondent.

Fred and René hope that many members will take advantage of this unique opportunity to continue playing. If more badminton courts are needed , the organizers will certainly adapt by renting more .
As a guest writer, I close with the well-known BCB words.

See you tomorrow

Organization GZB:
Rene Thonhauser
Fred Schulp.

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