Apr 202023

Everything has an end and that also applies to our badminton season 2022 -2023. Tonight the last game and we will close it with a smashing tournament. The organizers Fred, René and Rob have, I may say as usual, put their heads together to make it a fun evening. That’s okay. Meanwhile, approx. 28 members listed., It is a pity that not everyone could come this evening due to flu and / or other concerns.

I want to take advantage of this tournament to give a name to the tournament once, quite unusually; THE MARTIN VAN LEERDAM TOURNAMENT. Martijn is now one of the most humble members we have Member of our club for 5 years. As a recreational player always a pleasant player to play against or with, but also a worthy ambassador of our Club as a competition player Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to Martijn this year, because he is going to take a new step in his work. A move from Amsterdam to Rotterdam makes a membership with us no longer feasible. From this place we wish him every success in the heavy pastoral work that awaits him there in the Pauluskerk. For those who want to know more about this, check the internet.

The tournament. The organization asked me to urge you to be present on time. Let’s say walk-in from a quarter to eight to eight o’clock. Can we quickly start to play the 4/5 rounds. Afterwards, the board invites you to come and enjoy a drink and a snack in the sports café.

See you later.

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